Margo Majewska is a multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of media: architecture, video, drawing, and installations. Born in Warsaw, Poland, she attended the Women’s School of Architecture and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw before moving to New York where she received a BFA with Honors from Parsons School of Design and a March from Columbia University.

Margo’s professional interests began with the integration of art and architecture and gradually moved towards installation arts. She began exhibiting her own work in 2001. She is now pursuing a two-faceted career combining art and architecture with a focus on installation art. Currently, she lives in Oakland, California and she teaches drawing and design at the California College of the Arts.


Informed by my own immigrant experience, my work grapples with ideas of place, transformation, and identity. Navigating the space between cultures requires continuous shifts of self and this balance, or imbalance, is at the root of my inquiries. I aim to articulate the in-between spaces of the outsider by creating tension between two or more recognizable concepts.

With a background in architecture, fine art, and design my work is focused on space and people in ways that find meaningful connections between the two. Recent projects integrate space, artifacts, and digital technology that allows for viewer participation and individualized experience. Merging digital and analog technologies I aim to create new realities in which the representational and real, visceral and unknown, are of equal value. The new reality equalizes the hidden and the objective in a new personal space defined by the viewer.


  • Exhibitions
    • 2020 Reset, Art Souterrain, Montreal, Canada
    • 2018 Thhinking Out Loud (Cut Me Open), California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA
    • 2017 The Art Influencers, Cosentino, San Francisco, CA
    • 2016 Cut Me Open, Residency at the Krowswork Gallery, Oakland, CA
    • 2014 PlatoTectonics, Art Souterrain Festival; Montreal, Canada
    • 2013 Digital Madeleine, or video-time is never lost or past, Krowswork Gallery, Oakland, CA
    • 2012 Faculty show, California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA
    • 2012 Pan Tadeusz, Various locations, San Francisco
    • 2011 SEAT, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
    • 2010 One Night Stand, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
    • 2010 Spills, Biwa, Portland, OR
    • 2009 Works by artists, architects, and designers teaching at CCA, Oliver Art Center,  Oakland, CA
    • 2009 The Artists of Zyzzyva, Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    • 2009 Turbulence, Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA/ solo show
    • 2009 Crossing Borders, Confronting Barriers, Bridging Identities, Los  Angeles, CA
    • 2008 Lightness of Being, Biwa, Portland, OR/ solo show
    • 2008 The Art of Teaching, AICA-SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    • 2008 Current Work, Art Explosion Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    • 2007 Shadows and Sounds, a.Muse Gallery, San Francisco, CA/ solo show
    • 2007 Sneak Peak, Mission Arts, San Francisco, CA
    • 2006 Melt, San Francisco, CA
    • 2005 Affliction, Dogpatch Studios, San Francisco, CA
    • 2003 In Sight On_Site,  AIA San Francisco, CA
    • 2001 Bay Area Architects in print, 3A Garage Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    • 1990 Emotional Structures, Ward Lawrence Gallery, New York, NY/ solo show
  • Publications & Awards
    • 2014 Exhibition Review by Hilary Schaenfield
    • 2014 Exhibition Review by Julia Gunst
    • 2014 Exhibition Review by Peter Dobey
    • 2008 Drawing Portfolio accepted into the Viewing Program at the Drawing Center, New York
    • 2007 Work published in the Zyzzyva magazine
    • 2001 Work published in the Zyzzyva magazine
  • Curatorial
    • 2019 Makers’ dozen, CCA students show, Hewn SF, San Francisco, CA
    • 2016 Materiality & Space, CCA students show, Dsegnare, San Francisco, CA
    • 2013 Young Designers Show, Museum of Craft & Design, San Francisco, CA
    • 2012 Currents, Oliver Art Center, CCA, Oakland, CA
    • 2011 The best of, CCA students show”, Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco
  • Teaching
    • 2007-present  California College of the Arts (CCA), San Francisco, Senior Adjunct Professor
  • Education
    • 1994 Columbia University, New York, NY; Master of Architecture
    • 1991 Parsons School of Design, New York, NY; B.F.A. with Honors, Environmental Design
Margo Majewska