• Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Philadelphia
  • 2016
  • Installation Proposal

A proposal for the Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia.

An installation within a prison cell, consisting of a translucent inner “cell” enclosure, sound, and video projections.

In response to the current prison crisis, the proposed installation would brings visitors’ attention to the harsh environmental conditions of prisons in US and their effect on human mental and physical health. The main concept of the project addresses the contradiction between private and public by illuminating the original conditions for ESP prisoners who were confined in private cells but exposed to a public, contagious, and deadly disease (TB). The components of the interior “cell” of the installation are abstract representations of the tuberculosis bacteria – suggesting, in general, the presence of public disease, active and destructive in the private prison cell.

Three videos consisting of “the watchful eyes” of imaginary security guards will be projected directly onto the walls of the historic prison cell. The sound of opening observation shutters will further enhance the experience.


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